I NEED YOUR HELP. (it’s me, Freddie, and NOT Fake) Read and call me or I will call you. then you know it’s me. LOL
There are 12 orphans located outside Tijuana that I would like to sponsor. I have had the pleasure of meeting and supporting these children for the past 2 years. They are very dear to our hearts

My mother, Ehteram, taught me that no one should ever have to go through life suffering, especially a child…as it’s no fault of their own. ( in the honor of my Mother)

I am asking My friends to please join me in this effort. Please consider a donation to the EHTERAM PHOENIX FOUNDATION.

Any size donation will be greatly appreciated. Something as small as $5 or $10, or larger, will help more than you can imagine. For $45 per month, you can sponsor a child with shelter and schooling!

There are several ways to make a tax-deductible donation, please enter your name and email below so we can email you the details. Thanks you so much.